Cookie's Story

"Growing up I was always an early bloomer, I've been developing since the third grade. It was so weird for me because at that young age I was being sexualized, but my mom made sure to explain the reality of things to me. There was a point in time where I was wearing big baggy clothes so I wouldn't show my girlish features. Puberty hit me hard and some of the effects led me to assume that my weight was the problem. My doctor had confirmed that I was obese, so my mom took every chance she could to get me to work out. I even went to school in ninety degree weather with a jacket one, it was hectic! I came to college and shed a lot of weight in which I assume was an overwhelming amount because now my mom things I'm on drugs! So I've realized that I just need to stop listening to her. I'm currently seeking a happy weight and growing closer to myself daily!" - Adrianna "Cookie" Williams

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